Peace and Tranquility With a Buddha Tabletop Fountain

Posted On : February 21st, 2012 by admin

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To the 1.6 million Buddhists around the world Buddha is more than just an iconic representation of their religion. Buddhism (or Buddha Dharma) is more than just a religion to them. It is their way of life and philosophy which is a conglomeration of all their traditions, practices and beliefs all based on the teachings off Buddha whose real name by the way is Siddhartha Gautama.

Buddhism is one of the top religions around the world. In the principles Buddha has taught, he shared his insights in order to help people end their sufferings (which they call dukkha) in order to reach nirvana, the ultimate level of happiness.

Buddha comes in many forms as it is recognized in the country where he is worshipped. But to many people, Buddha is more popularly represented by a fat bellied bald headed person who embodies wealth, prosperity and happiness. To be given a statue of Buddha is to bestow the recipient all the good fortune on this earth. To the worshippers of Buddhism, to have a statue of Buddha in their homes is mandatory for it is an idol that is most revered.

It is truly delightful to receive a Buddha tabletop fountain as a gift. The clever combination of Buddha and the sound of water gently flowing down the river rocks on which he sits upon brings the sense of tranquility and calmness of which they both represent. Water symbolizes purity and continuance of life. It is no wonder that the mere sight of water flowing down a fountain brings that air of relaxation and wellness. You will be absolutely mesmerized watching this fountain come into life once you switch it on and the water spills unto the rocks and into its water dish below.

People always relate the word Buddha with tranquility and prosperity. If you have a Buddha Tabletop Fountain at home you will always feel calm and wealthy.

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